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How did you find MetaFilter?

My boyfriend at the time, soma lkzx introduced me to the site. I took my time getting my sea legs, but in a couple years I was logging in nearly every day, offering my bossypants opinions on relationships and fashion questions. When I moved to NYC from DC, hermitosis offered to hang out with me after I asked a question about being lonely in the city. We went out to eat and found we had lots in common. Eventually he got me to call my own meetup. The rest is history.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

Wuv, twue wuv

Well, not quite history! After a year or two of hanging out in MeFi circles, I met Optimus Chyme. Maybe it was lucky that I stayed on the green more than the blue and thus didn't know about his contentious online personality, because he straight-up charmed me with his warm and hilarious personality when we met IRL. In OC terms, he made my heart scream in caps lock.

Where would I be without Metafilter? I almost certainly would not have met him otherwise. I'd unquestionably be a less happy and well-loved person. We're getting married in October, and a huge crew of MeFites will be in attendance. TPS is kind enough to throw me a bridal shower in NYC because damn if she isn't just as socially fluent in real life as she is on the site. Thankyoujohnnyfever is officiating. Jon_Evil will be catering the Southern BBQ themed food for the wedding. Perhaps the most crazy, the most heart-warming, the most indicative of the caliber of people I've met through this site, the ever lovely functionequalsform FLEW TO MOTHEREFFING DAYTON OHIO to attend the bridal shower my mom put on for me. Girl landed at the Dayton airport at 1130AM that Saturday and was squealing over gifts with my mom's friends about an hour later. She's reading a poem during the wedding ceremony, and we often make drunk promises about raising our kids together so we can take mutual refuge in being the Bad Mommies of the playground.

MeFites number among my dearest friends. Recently the memories have been attending rmless's birthday party that included a boat tour of Prospect Park; discussing DJs and TV shows with griphus on gchat; gossiping and grilling with Greg Nog on the 4th of July; smuggling AN ENTIRE BOTTLE of wine into a bar with functionequalsform because we're both too broke to pay for drinks; daydrinking with empathy and scrutiny all over Brooklyn and Jersey; chugging Four Loko with Damn That Television right before we punch a hole through a wall; bike rides with hermitosis; and obviously, pretty much anything with Optimus Chyme.

This is infinitely cheesy, and OC will roll his eyes if he ever saw such a sappy post, but I'm sure that my fondest memory of Metafilter is still in the works. I mean, shit y'all, this site basically pulled the threads of the universe together to create our whole wedding! How many websites can claim that?