How did you find MetaFilter?

Probably through some combination of kottke, waxy, and dashes. It was clear that some sites would be moving in the direction of ADS, ADS, MORE ADS, while others would stay focused on content and user experience. Metafilter was closed back then and I had to plead with Matt to allow me in, which, to my amazement, he did. I was in with the kool kids back then!


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?


I loved all the hilarity and nerd viciousness that would occur when it was clear that SOMEONE DID SOMETHING REALLY REALLY B-A-D. The posse would start to gather, and the calls for the banhammer would start to rise - first one, then more, then the images (static, then animated gifs) would start to pile up, rivaling each other in hilarity, culminating at the moment of triumph when the hammer would fall. I think that's the closest I'll ever come to being one of the peasants at the French Revolution. I felt like I was in my true ethnic group - kids who were bullied in elementary school finally getting to see justice delivered with a mighty hand...

sigh...still miss that img tag...

Maybe even more than nerd viciousness, the generous spirit of folks here has shown up in big ways (the Russian girls, the young woman who needed help getting her abortion, illnesses and the passing away of members) and many small ways, too numerous to mention. I've most enjoyed the extreme caring, gentleness, and insightfulness of so many commentators. Many's the thread where someone (scody, I'm thinking of you!) would say something so soothing and sweet that I would feel a deep sense of gratitude to Matt and all the others who have made it possible to be connected in such a way.