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How did you find MetaFilter?

I can't remember exactly how I landed on Metafilter the first time but the site was pretty young at the time. The people in residence seemed to largely consist of flambuoyant designer types enamored of web technology and themselves, and sported monikers like "Jack Saturn" and "rebeccablood" so of course I felt I'd fit right in... /hamburger


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?


My most fond memories of mefi involve giddy laughter, severed hands and mail order steaks and names like Miguel, Pretty Generic and amberglow. I followed Kaycee Nicole's outing with fascination, and on 9/11 it was this site I kept loading. IRL, wobh and deadcowdan came and visited me when I was in hospital, Baby_Balrog showed up in the middle of nowhere for one of my guitar gigs, and madamjujujive called me one night to see what I sounded like.