How did you find MetaFilter?

In early 2004, I started reading a handful of blogs (I didn't use an RSS reader yet, I was checking each one by hand), and two of them- the Advice Goddess blog and the now-defunct personal blog of Mefite epenthesis- linked to Metafilter quite often. I was a student at a small liberal arts college where the student body seemed to pride itself on not knowing anything that was going on in the world, so Metafilter was an oasis for me. I still remember how happy I was when memberships opened on November 18th, 2004- I even listed this as one of the 3 things I was thankful for when my family did their annual Thanksgiving game later that month. My grandfather was very confused.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

The Community

I'd be remiss if I mentioned anything other than all the wonderful friends I've made through the community. There's my husband, of course (of course!), but also a large group of Mefites all over the country, heck, the WORLD, that I Twitter and Facebook with, see at meetups, and travel with. I've attended Mefite weddings and babysat for Mefite children. What a fabulous community to be a part of, I would do almost anything for you people.