Welcome to the MetaFilter Memories site, a small project to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the launch of MetaFilter by asking members of the site to share stories of how they came across the community and their favorite memories. If you're a member of MetaFilter, hit the quick login link on the upper right to get additional sorting options (like viewing your contacts who have left stories) and the ability to leave a vote of thanks for your favorite stories (which helps us sort them by ratings). For those of you reading this that are new to MetaFilter, the domain name used here is the one shared by the very first post to MetaFilter, which was gone long ago to domain squatters but recently picked up for this project. If you'd like to post your own story, you can do so here. Enjoy!


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  1. Finding my footing by
  2. Identifying a cheesy teenagers-in-space movie that had haunted me since 1988 by
  3. Untitled by
  4. Should I stay? by
  5. Untitled by
  6. Enjoy Your Stay! by
  7. Welcomed with open arms by
  8. Untitled by
  9. Untitled by
  10. You Guys Keep Teaching Me Stuff by
  11. roger ackroyd is my hero forever, for finding a beloved poem from my childhood. by
  12. Lonely Geek On Quonsar by
  13. i just can't quit you by
  14. Tough love and a meetup by
  15. Vat of liquified heads? by
  16. A FPP about John Etheridge by
  17. Untitled by
  18. Gore-Bush, 9/11 and Flash Wars by
  19. PhoB says she's still living her fondest memory; so am I. by
  20. home for 90 minutes by
  21. It's all good, really by
  22. Hermitosis's Brushes With Death, Real and Imaginary by
  23. DotBomb - Bursting bubbles in slow motion with running commentary by
  24. It's not one memory but a mosaic a little moments by
  25. Fedoras and Banjos by
  26. We Can/Did Has Monkeys by
  27. 8th anniversary meetup in PDX by
  28. ChatFilter, Quonsar and Mushrooms by
  29. Our Brad by
  30. You are all so klevah. by
  31. Maine meetup by
  32. learning something everyday by
  33. #MetafilterWithdrawalTriageRecommendations by
  34. Metafilter's earliest person to seriously use the term fascist and get briefly suspended for it by
  35. Joining, Retreating and Being in Awe by
  36. Remember Ally Macbeal? by
  37. For serious, they are the best cats (sorry, all the other cats; I'm sure you're pretty good, too) by
  38. One big blue tribe by
  39. You're my favouritest American thing! by
  40. 9/11 by
  41. Life the universe and everything by
  42. Longboats, ahoy! by
  43. Enough by
  44. Winning a TiVo by
  45. Moving to England and feeling at home from the very first day by
  46. Brainfull of MetaFilter by
  47. It's not Fark by
  49. Wuv, twue wuv by
  50. Mambo dogface in the banana patch by
  51. Traveling with AskMeFi by
  52. Matt and I went to lunch by
  53. Kaycee, 9622 and Nader by
  54. I'm still living my fondest metafilter memory. by
  55. MeFi Swaps by
  56. If you love something, lurk for a while. by
  57. Fun With Comics & Community by
  58. Being recognized in any way, good or bad. by
  59. You showed me that people care and saved my life. by
  60. It kind of cheapens the whole Tizzie experience, you know? by
  61. A Meetup of Two by
  62. You Will Be Safe by
  63. Untitled by
  64. nothing much, just thanks for existing by
  65. Fondest and worst by
  66. Could this be true? - MeFi investigates by
  67. IRL Memories by
  68. It's Made of People! by
  69. What do you do with a secret so shameful you don't feel you can tell a soul? You tell Metafilter. by
  70. "Administrator please hope me!" and the month before by
  71. I got a drunken phone call from a famous Portuguese author by
  72. A Month of Meetups by
  73. Gay Jesus Offends Christians by
  74. A Snark Free Post by
  75. How Matt Haughey, Jason Kottke, & Ben Brown introduced me to the woman I would marry by
  76. Untitled by
  77. Have your people call my people, Mr. Ferguson by
  78. I gave birth during a thread. by
  79. Trolled by
  80. Questions in the Human Relations category by
  81. Snark to the extreme! by
  82. Untitled by
  83. The True News by
  84. The change of the site's culture through the sexism threads by
  85. The power of AskMe for identification. by
  86. In losing her, I found you. by
  87. Schmoop by
  88. AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! (Seattle earthquake) by
  89. The Yeats Thread by
  90. Identity. Laughter. by
  91. A Really Good Doughnut by
  92. It's the people by
  93. In Which MetaFilter and Morphine Offer Comfort in Equal Measure by
  94. Advice for Dads of daughters by
  95. The Man With the Golden Mefi by
  96. Jim & JJ by
  97. Rather than a single fond memory, I have instead a blur of many pleasant recollections. by
  98. Pen Pals by
  99. Giving old memories new life by
  100. 8th Anniversary Meetup by
  101. Excoriating Plagiarists by
  102. Two things ya'll taught me by
  103. Look How Far We've Come by
  104. The realization that it's a real community by
  105. It's all about MetaTalk, man... by
  106. Untitled by
  107. Getting hugged by the entire world by
  108. Proving the power of the internet by
  109. MetaFilter and ColdChef save my life (sort of) by
  110. Super-friendly post-Katrina meetup by
  111. MeFi taught me html! by
  112. Hosting MetaFilter for four years = a fantastic wife and life by
  113. Nothing specific, really. by
  114. It did Wendell by
  115. Reader, I married him! by
  116. Sharing and caring by
  117. The silliness of 9622 by
  118. Seattle Earthquake by
  119. Yammering with you by
  120. MetaFilter saved my life by
  121. My Favourite Things by
  122. God help me... it's by
  123. Fondest MeFi memory is the gentling of Godwin's law. by
  124. London bombing by
  125. Two stories: Fiance and a grandparent dying. by
  126. Row, dammit, row! by
  127. Intelligent discussion by
  128. How to Say Thank You by
  129. When the internet meets the real world... by
  130. Getting Dragon Age from Shothotbot in SQ exchange. Wow! by
  131. Servers, Shrieking, Signup by
  132. Oh, yeah, these are totally my people. by
  133. Putting the Me in MetaFilter by
  134. Untitled by
  135. Memories by
  136. Dreaming about metafilter - I can't find the specific thread. by
  137. ColdChef and the moment I fell in love with the man. I still am. Our families are intertwined. by
  138. Snakes from the Internet by
  139. Fondest? GRARing hour and the ensuing explosion of Surrealism by
  140. Christ' what an asshole by
  141. Every time I think I'm free, it pulls me back in! by
  142. Percy, the Human Skull by
  143. The Community by
  144. The Kaycee Nicole Hoax by
  145. Hurricane Katrina and Metafilter by
  146. Impossible to say by
  147. Taking a risk and inviting strangers to share a hotel room at E3 by
  148. 4-8-15-16-23-42 by
  150. Community by
  151. Hey, Google! by
  152. Don't know. I was dead at the time. by
  153. 9/11 Thread by
  154. Meetup by
  155. My First Get Together by
  156. Untitled by
  157. Meeting Mathowie by
  158. Kaycee Nicole by
  159. Hugs and shirts by
  160. that one day all the posts were about the same thing by
  161. Meeting the Chicago Cabal (There is no Chicago Cabal) by
  162. Household Shoes by
  163. Rick Gleason and Bali by
  164. Most recently, the Clarence Clemons post. by
  165. first be smart from the very beginning... by
  166. Toilet Rat by
  167. You were doing it wrong by
  168. Something Good Out of All the Kaycee Mess by
  169. My home on the web by
  170. Grandma's Comic Sans by
  171. Rejoicing with strangers because of strangers by
  172. wedding midlife crisis by
  173. We have cameras. by
  174. I can never repay Metafilter by
  175. Just a cute lit'l bunnay.....not. by
  176. Remembering Leslie by
  177. A blog is born by
  178. 9622 by
  179. Regular Deliveries of the Unheard Of by
  180. The job interview by
  181. Untitled by
  182. Internet Detective Squad cases by
  183. Finally deciding to join by
  184. When Glenn Beck Plagiarized Me by
  185. pregnant?! by
  186. Somewhere in the lost past... by
  187. My first FPP, and the anxiety that led up to posting it. by