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How did you find MetaFilter?

In college in 1998 I worked at the IT helpdesk. As you do, I got interested in slashdot. From there, I found Rusty Foster's site, kuro5hin. Kuro5hin was much different in those days than it's current incarnation as a troll hideout, but Rusty had mentioned Metafilter a time or two on the site. However at the time signups were closed. So no account for me and I mostly ignored it. As Kuro5hin was starting to turn into it's current mess, many of the users were looking for an alternative. At the time, Metafilter signup was re-enabled, yeah! but the five dollar fee stopped me in my tracks at that point. A year later, and links to metafilter from TheophileEscargot on and I completed the signup process and have been a background commenter / lurker since then.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

Internet Detective Squad cases

Whether it being discovering givewell founders recommending themselves to themselves via askme, or fake's friends getting helped in DC / NY, metafilter figures stuff out and helps people out. That's pretty awesome for such a large community site.