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melissa may


How did you find MetaFilter?

My husband introduced Metafilter to me when we started dating. Often, when I asked him where he'd heard about some interesting article or new artist or whatnot, he'd cite MeFi, and that would prompt me to go take a look. It took me a while to start reading, mostly because of the bluey blue blueness of it. (I was so happy when professional white became an profile option; I just don't cope well with reading web text on dark or vibrant backgrounds!)

Once I was hooked, though, I was really hooked. Sign-ups were closed at the time (in 2003), and it about did me in. I'd just completed a degree as part of a small, tight-knit department, and really missed those easy friendships and conversations. For me, Metafilter at its best is like a symposium comprising people with an astonishingly broad array of skills and life experience, and a swinging party that's run till 3am because no one can bear to go home. It's lofty and crass, comforting and infuriating, hilarious and heartbreaking -- and after 7 years, the only online community I've ever loved this long.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

Yammering with you

I am going to lame out to an extreme degree and refer to the podcast I did back in 07. We talked for nearly an hour about all the strange and lovely connections I've made in my life thanks to Metafilter. No way in hell do I have that kind of typing stamina!