How did you find MetaFilter?

A friend of mine pointed me to MetaFilter in late 2004 because my website of crossovers was linked on the front page. My friend, my partner-in-crime on the Tommy Westphall project, knew this was kind of a big deal - and it was an early shot in the arm for visitors to the site.

It seems strange to me still that I didn't join until 2007, since I'm sure I regularly checked the site after first coming here three years earlier. I don't know if memberships were closed or if I was just not willing to fork over the $5 membership fee (probably the latter), but I know I've been here a lot longer than the four years my profile suggests.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

My Favourite Things

I know people love getting lots of favourites - and I include myself in that. It's nice to see appreciation for a post or a comment - even if it is just a bookmark for later, at least it was worth bookmarking.

But sometimes I also enjoy watching other people get favourites, as well. Particularly in threads that I've started. My post about the legacy of the Von Trapp family isn't my most favourited, nor my most commented-upon post - but it was the thread in which miss lynster got to tell her story about The Sound of Music-oblivious Salzburg lady. (Photo, MeTa thread about photo)

When people say posts are about the posts not the threads or that favourites aren't important, I think of that comment and I'm glad my post inspired it.