How did you find MetaFilter?

I found MetaFilter via the Grow-a-Brain blog by Hanan Levin (growabrain on MeFi). Grow-a-Brain was, and still is an amazing collection of fascinating links and content. Think Boing-Boing without the pretentiousness or commentary. Well, Hanan would occasionally post a collection of links to the Best of MetaFilter/Ask MetaFilter for a given time period. His Best of MeFi posts were consistently interesting and hilarious so I eventually started browsing it regularly and decided that $5 wasn't such a steep price to pay for a place of sanity and reason (most of the time) on the internet.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?


XQUZYPHYR posted the stories by davesecretary in this post: DANGER POINT YOU LEFT THE OVEN ON

I realized that outside of MetaFilter, I probably would have never found this little slice of awesomeness on the Internets, and that there were likely many more little gold hyperlinks to awesomeness that I could click on.

Now, I'm jaded, and honestly, does anybody read the comments down here?