How did you find MetaFilter?

Oh god.. It was 11 years ago and I'd started falling in with the nonexistent 'A-List' blogger crowd. We used Metafilter because, in the words of Ben Brown, "It makes me smarter, and more angry about things."


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

Somewhere in the lost past...

In general, MetaFilter was the nexus for sharing with the others like me who were at the forefront of mass communication online. It was a 'you're not alone, let's tell great stories and share what's important' kind of place that hadn't existed for me on that scale.

Over the years I drifted away from MeFi and I expected it would drift away as well. What I think is so amazing is that Matt's kept it going, catering to an exponentially larger audience while still having the same feel (and, just as amazingly, the same look-and-feel).

Facebook, Google+, FriendFeed, etc... Maybe it's time to come back home to MeFi.