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How did you find MetaFilter?

I found MetaFilter via Dan Rutter. He sometimes links to things he writes here. At first I thought it was all about science stuff. Then I hung around and read a lot. After a while, a long while, I thought I'd like to be part of this community. It seemed so counter-intuitive for there to be a bunch of intelligent people in an Internet forum that were so cool. So I dropped a fiver and joined.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

My First Get Together

The first MetaFilter gathering that I went to was a gaming thing in the downstairs of a coffee kind of place. I arrived after the gaming was under way, but I felt like the people there were all my friends from the moment I arrived. We had a fun time and I came away knowing that the people that I "met" online were just as cool as I thought they were. Later meet ups just proved how great the people here can be.

And Korean barbecue. OMG!