How did you find MetaFilter?

Ok I confess- I love reading advice columns. I found Ask Mefi when searching for more advice sites. Found the rest of it later and stayed because the posts opened my middle age mind.
After several years of lurking I worked up the courage to join.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

Should I stay?

You know those questions about whether someone should stay or go? Or asking if this is abuse? The answers are what hooked me on Meta - I grew up with abuse, and was just coming out of an abusive relationship. I felt like a junkie going through withdrawal. Your answers kept reminding me why I finally left. And that I was going to be OK. Thank you! I hope this is always a place where people can ask "Should I stay?"
At Metafilter I got to learn about Polyamory, transgender issues, fetishes, bisexuality, feminism, librarians and the naming of cats. I got to listen to conversations that no one I know is having: about white privilege and racism, world politics and if this is safe to eat. Keep opening my eyes Mefites!