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How did you find MetaFilter?

davy used to talk about it on alt.angst where I lurked after alt.bitterness turned to shit (who would have thought?). I'd occasionally follow a link but I really can't remember which thread it was that made me click on the comments button and suddenly realise that this site was fucking brilliant. I do know that I was working for accountants and had free access to the internet and so subsequently spent most of my time at work (when not dealing with actual clients) following links from the blue and reading amazing things on askme rather than having to deal with accountants.

Eventually I asked my brother if he could spot me a MeFi account using his PayPal, which he did willingly, and I've been lurking and every now and then commenting ever since. I still think this is the saddest song lyric ever.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

You are all so klevah.

As I said above, I can't remember which particular thread it was that made me go, 'oh'. I do remember though how much I enjoyed the Limericks thread and how I dreamt about Metafilter all night after I added my mite and woke up to discover some favourites (I'm probably way too proud of that). There's just way too many threads that I've read and loved to list here.

I'm renowned amongst my family and friends for mentioning Metafilter whenever an interesting subject comes up. I say oh, I read this thing on Metafilter-my-favourite-website and then dazzle them with some amazing insight which would never have occurred to me without you. So many comments made so.much.sense. and gave me a greater insight into so.many.things.

Oh, happy birthday Metafilter and thank you mathowie and everyone involved. I do love you so. I feel the same kind of love for you that I have for my siblings ie. I love you, you shit me, I love you.