How did you find MetaFilter?

It was back in early 2001....the link was on the website Pop Culture Junk Mail (run by Mefi's own Gael Fashingbauer Cooper.) (Her website, for reference, was also the very first time I ever saw the term "blog" in print.)

Earlier, when I'd had to come up with a username for a yahoo account (that I frankly never wound up using much) I went through all the combinations of bunnythemed names I could think of but other people had gotten there first-until I finally came up with the appellation "bunnyfire." Which was the infamous username I first joined the site with. (later incarnations were as Konolia, and finally and hopefully permanently, St. Alia of the bunnies.)


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

Just a cute lit'l bunnay.....not.

I have too many memories from the site, both good and bad, to possibly pick one but I can say there were several that really stick out. My first strong memory of the site is sitting in front of the screen of my computer at work, tears streaming down my face, as I'd read of the death of Kaycee Nicole. Of course we all know how THAT story turned out. That was also the same year as 9/11.

On a happier note, one of my fondest memories is of a time I wasn't even on the site (we won't, ahem, discuss the bannination)...I still lurked.. and was rewarded by a quite bunnilicious day on the Blue-that would be July 19, 2002. Which had by my count at least 8, count them, 8 posts related to rabbits.

One of my proudest moments(while I was Konolia) is that of actually having a comment favorited by Number One himself. I am not quite as proud that the comment was in reference to anuses. As in "not wishing to be exposed to." Heh.

And finally, my favorite moment as St. Alia would have to be The Great Enspousening.

Metafilter has grown and changed over the years, and I am able to say the same about myself. It is sad to know that so many usernames have disappeared over the years (Miguel Cardoso, where are you, buddy?) but I have to say this place has granted me a great number of online friends without which my life would be poorer.

You know who you are.

PS-Matt, I still apologize for that time my husband looked up your number and called you. He really meant no harm and I promise I chewed him out royally for it. All's forgiven, I hope....