How did you find MetaFilter?

I became aware of Metafilter through another website that used to post round-ups of the best AskMeFi's that month, I think it was from Lifehacker.

I'd churn through pages of Q&A, amazed at the level of politeness, courtesy, and expert knowledge that existed there. People actually got answers for their questions! People were actual people, not (for the most part) snarky, juvenile trolls.

It was a few weeks before I realised there were links in the top right of the screen that opened up to this amazing blue screen - mind=blown!!!

It wasn't long before I signed up, and asked my first question on AskMeFi - a travel question about Helsinki in winter-time, a trip I never did make.

It's funny, and a little bit scary too, 'cos I think that people could make a pretty interesting, and accurate picture of me based on my questions, posts and comments. I'm sure the secret police have huge files on us all based on our history in metafilter!


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?


I posted a few songs on Music, and got such wonderful, supportive reposnes from the other users. It even got one used in that month's podcast! It was such a nice feeling, getting this recognition and praise from anonymous internet strangers.

I want to give some of that love and support back into the community.