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How did you find MetaFilter?

After a year or so of sycophantic Blogger/Pyra Labs e-stalking near the beginning of decade previous, I wound up reading MetaFilter, pumping my fist in the air, over and over, shouting YES! Immediately I found this community weblog to be incredibly useful and utterly devastating.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

Brainfull of MetaFilter

One night after work I was reading MetaTalk. Someone half-remembered this super cool thing that had happened on the site in like 2004 but couldn't get favorites search to work or lost the search keywords or wevs. I tracked the answer down and felt a twinge of frustration at the repetition. Most of this describes many manymany of my nights after work reading MetaTalk. But this particular one distinguishes itself by the furious leavings of a caffeine-fueled all-nighter spent tracking down a link for every last one of the little silly things littered around my skull about the MeFi domain, sparked by that twinge. Poured out and pored over all night long, in the end not as impressive as I'd hoped, but still a very cool reference made handily available to all who remembered-but-not-quite. So they'd stop posting those damn MeTa threads.

I called it Shadowy Back Alleys, and now it's out of my hands and on the MeFi Wiki.

My fondest memory of MetaFilter is the span of time between the moment I posted that thread (6:21am, JUST before class started) and the first comment, a full thirteen minutes.

During that time I rode high on the drum bench of a rollicking longboat of MetaTalk glory, the sun arising on a sea of coffee and ho-ho wrappers. It was glorious and perhaps my proudest adult moment for some time thereafter. (Until I started getting laid, thereabout.) Then

"Dont you have a life? Just wondering"

Sunk so low, so so low.