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How did you find MetaFilter?

I'm going to blame Kottke. I don't remember precisely, but to place it in timeframe, was a big deal. That's my personal marker for the time period. Oh, no, you know who it was? Glassdog. Lance Arthur was all "Here's a link" and I was very Lance Arthur fanboy at the time so I was like "OKAY" and then I just kinda stayed. And left. And came back, and deactivated my account, and then reactivated it, and then yelled at people but also participated constructively at certain points. Now I keep a low profile because as I grow older my passion for reasoned discourse has shriveled and I can't just yell "YOU ARE WRONG" at people, right?

Well, I could, but not here. Damn your community standards!


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

Kaycee, 9622 and Nader

I wasn't doing any of the legwork on Kaycee Nicole, but I was proffering theories left and right. It was a really bizarre time, when it became clear everyone was engaged by this mystery and it really did unravel before our eyes.

I am accidentally responsible for 9622, as it was my Metafilter parody that got linked. Coldchef and Miguel warm my heart. I also made a catchphrase, so I mean, come on.

One of my favorite memories was discovering that this guy was here, and then watching him bloom into the King of Mefi Awesome that he has become. Which was kablam.

And pre-9/11, this actually was a cogent place to talk politics. The 2000 election back-and-forth was just fun.