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How did you find MetaFilter?

I was there in the first year when it was possible to read all the leading personal Weblogs each morning over breakfast. Seemingly every one of those writers belonged to MetaFilter. It was a confluence of easily half a dozen or more referrals all at once, but I’m going to attribute my joining MeFi to Jason Kottke.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

Fondest and worst

Tie for first place:

  • How well my Projects postings are received. I don’t worry about votes or numbers, but the fact remains that I always hope for and always get recognition from my peers for my work. That is something that is actually hard to come by in any domain. Merely being able to post my projects in this arena is a highlight of every rollout phase and I very much look forward to it.
  • How well I am received at MeFi meetups. As a restatement of the first case, it is reassuring to be accepted by one’s peers.
In last place is being maligned right up to and probably past the point of legal defamation by one of the site admins, then getting locked out of my own thread by the site owner because I didn’t respond in an arbitrary period of time. (Neither answers E-mail on the subject.)

I’ve spent much of the last five years arguing for MetaTalk-style discussion areas in other forums that have a history of dysfunction, like the Tea Makers and Typophile. I am a decade-long defender and loyal user of MetaFilter. The week MetaFilter Memories launched is the week I felt most cut adrift, abandoned, and ostracized by its owners.

Which of all these Memories will loom largest and last longest?