How did you find MetaFilter?

I think I used to read popurls about 7 years ago, and slowly became disinterested with the headlines from other sites (reddit, digg, cough cough). I finally thought I'd skip popurls completely, and just read directly on the Blue. I lurked for a ridiculously long time and signed up in 2009. Coincidentally, today is only two days til my two-year Mefi-versary.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

IRL Memories

The biggest way MetaFilter has changed and truly bettered my life is through the people I have met in real life, who I am proud to call friends. In joining up, I had no idea I would make so many friends, so thank you for the welcome surprise.

Here are a smattering of meetup and non-meetup memories from the past few years. Here's to many more. *clink*

* Sitting in a hammock, three sheets to the wind, watching Kanye videos on repeat with Zoomorphic.

* Kokkodalk and ThePinkSuperhero dressed as flappers and heckling hermitosis at his Meet The Lady show.

* Getting emails from Greg Nog whose subject lines are things like, "ALLO I AM ZEE TINY BULLDOG OF WOLFERINES," "SWEET ROCK BAR, BRAH" and "Yo plz send me pic of your doggie"

* Optimus Chyme forgetting where he lives after a meetup, and texting the nonsensical "Dryzmeeli?!" when realizing he's lost.

* Schmegegge singing "Minnie the Moocher" at karaoke, and finding out we can absolutely kill "Rock This Town" as a duet.

* Hermitosis showing up to my birthday (on time, btw) in a Mefi t-shirt, amongst my civilian friends. I gave him lots of kisses.

* Calling a last minute meetup in Stockholm at Jan Murray's son's restaurant, for which I had the pleasure of hanging out with Iteki, uandt, rpn, and meijusa. Oh, and Jan Murray drove all the way back from the countryside to visit.

* Flying out to Ohio for Zoomorphic's bridal shower, after which we got tipsy on champagne in her parents' basement.

* Sipping $4 "blue dranks" with Hermitosis and Help! I can't stop talking!

* Finding that simulare and fake had been coordinating cross-country via phone to find simulare's lost grandma.

* Watching griphus and his ladyfriend fall in love with my dog as they sat him for a week. Good friends will sit your dog.

* Playing a drinking game in which defenestration made me type a single curse word in the comments of a random thread. The thread turned out to be about urban wastelands, and the comment was simply "Ass." It got about 8 random favorites.

* The joy I felt that so many wonderful MeFites showed up for Fried Chicken and Video Games, the first ever meetup I'd called.