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How did you find MetaFilter?

I'm a Kaycee baby.

I was reading a handful of blogs in 2001, it being the beginning of the new century and this whole blog thing being all new and exciting. One of them was Meg Pickard's notsosoft. She posted a link to the whole Kaycee Nicole affair, which was utterly and totally fascinating to me at the time. There's a bunch of distinct personalities in that thread, many of them still around, that came to define the kind of discourse I think of as uniquely MetaFilter. (Which I've learned over the years I'm hardly up to, quality-wise.) After reading that, and the other handful of threads on the front page, I knew I had to join.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?


There are a lot of reasons to love MetaFilter, but the old cult threads, those back alleys of unfettered chat, were some of my favorite moments on this site. The 9622 thread (and ensuing splinter site) were some of the most fun I've had on the Internet, mostly because of the company.

Other fond memories include the first LA MeFi Meetup, which involved my one and only phone conversation with MiguelCardoso, and all the subsequent LA meetups that I've not totally flaked out on.

There was a meetup in NY too that I very much enjoyed, met jonmc! Another in Vegas (Salmonberry, attackthetaxi and fishfucker!), though that was more #mefi than MeFi, I guess.

Looking back at it now, most of the moments that have made this site for me have been the ones where I've engaged with other members. I've never met a MeFi member in person that I didn't like. And I've met a ton of them at this point.