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How did you find MetaFilter?

Either Red Cricket, GlassDog or Zeldman linked to it.

At the time I worked as a Customer Service Rep for the Discovery Channel's online store. I'd zip through all the customer emails in about 45 minutes and then spend the next 7 hours hanging out on the internet.


What is your fondest memory from MetaFilter?

How Matt Haughey, Jason Kottke, & Ben Brown introduced me to the woman I would marry

It was time to find a girlfriend, so I did what any web developer living in their parent's basement would do, created an online dating profile.

I choose the old spring streets network (they powered the dating service behind Salon, Nerve, and other sites) and started answering their fill-in-the-blank style profile. One of which was ____ is sexy, _____ is sexier.

I stumbled across a profile that answered that question with Matt Haughey is sexy, Jason Kottke is sexier and knew I had found the one for me. I composed a message and titled it Ben Brown is the Sexiest (Ben Brown is Sexy was the name of Ben Browns website at that time).

Anyway, Keli tells the story better than me